(Not Yet a) Better Bathroom

Two weeks ago, my bathroom looked like this:

And then we started, and it looked like this (I can’t find the full set of pictures, just this one the contractor texted me*. But it all looked like this):

While I was gone, they made some (ahem, not enough) progress (this is the shower, where the tub used to be):

And now it looks like this:

Things you see:

  • Walls!
  • New recessed lights (a last minute decision)
  • Partial wall for shower
  • Wiring for new vanity light and heated floor
  • The space for the medicine cabinet
  • That hole above the medicine cabinet (in the last picture)? There’s random empty space in the wall about 7 feet up, above the top of the coat closet on the other side of the wall. Its going to be a bonus cabinet. Stay tuned!

Things you don’t see:

  • A floor
  • Tile

You are smart enough to determine everything else you aren’t seeing here. Things you also aren’t seeing?


Because that’s my only bathroom and it doesn’t have any bath-related capabilities. (You know how everyone says these things take twice as long? Totally right. I might be able to go home Thursday.)

Have you done any major renovations? How long did they take? Can normal people live without a toilet?!


3 thoughts on “(Not Yet a) Better Bathroom

  1. I’ve watched my parents do two major bathroom renos and they both took months…but they did everything themselves, in their spare time. Also, in one case, they had another bathroom, so there was no rush. In the other case…we were showering using a hose hooked up to the laundry sink in the basement for a while. It was rough, but at least we had a toilet!
    I think that’s some progress you are making–and that bonus cabinet is great…as long as you can figure out a way to reach it!

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