A Better Bathroom…is so so close!

You may be wondering what happened to me. I’m wondering too. I’m a teacher, so we went back to school last week (and worked without students the week before that). However, we’re already off because the Chicago Teachers Union is on strike. So I’ve been picketing and rallying every day.

Anyhow, here’s what you actually care about:

All I need is shower glass. And to raise hell about the tile, but thats another story.

Until I can share an actual real life bathroom (probably without accessories, because someone is not getting paid here), help a girl out. Which towel do you like better?


And do you like my paint color? Its green with a lot of gray to it.

And a few more. There is no shower glass yet, and I’m not going to explain anything, but I figure something is better than nothing, so here have some pictures.

One of my favorite things is all of the storage I added.


And a few other favorites:

The extra six inches make the vanity feel so much larger.

So I can shave my legs in comfort

The shower glass should go in Friday (Saturday at the latest?) and I will do a more thorough post. I’ll have way more free time not spending half my time travelling to find a shower!


3 thoughts on “A Better Bathroom…is so so close!

  1. It’s been a busy few weeks all around! I still prefer the towel with the teal–I like the tie-in to the hallway color. I love the paint color–it looks almost like the color in my bedroom. I also love all the marble.

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