Knotted Ribbon Necklace

So, around the time I made this, I made another necklace with these gorgeous peachy/aqua faceted gemstones on a thin silk cord. But after a year, the necklace was fraying and stretching and I needed to redo it. I’ve always wanted one of those pretty ribbon necklaces that tie with a bow, so I decided to that approach for the redo.

Stringing a necklace on a wide ribbon is easy, as long as you can twist the end of the ribbon into a point. Then you can thread the beads on one at a time.

Once all the beads are strung, leave a long tail (long enough to make a large bow you like, plus a little more in case you need it), and tie a knot. Slide a bead right up to the knot, then tie a second overhand knot right next to the bead, pulling the knot tight to the bead with your fingers

Push a second bead next to the second knot, and tie the third knot like the second, pulling it close to the bead.

Keep knotting and sliding, keeping the knots as close to the beads as possible.

As you pass the halfway point, check that the ends are even. If not, you may need to remove beads from one end and string them on the other end to even the ends.

Finish knotting. Use a bow to clasp the necklace.


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