Black and white gemstone necklace

Remember these?

I purchased these strands at the Bead&Button Show a few months ago, and I actually have a finished piece to show for it.

My sister is heading off on a vacation to Napa this evening (her first real vacation as an adult, lucky girl), and I made her a necklace to go with one of the summery dresses she packed. Did I go with beachy peach and green? Sea colored blue? Nope. I chose the black-latticed white agate beads to go with a stark white sundress she was taking along. Then I separated the beads with tiny faceted glass rondelles in an opal-like white. I added a few smaller beads to each end of the strand to make it a little easier to clasp, and voilà:

Two things I like about this project: 1) It was very easy. I strung the entire piece and attached the clasp in about an hour. 2) The strand of gemstones was too short to make a necklace on its own, but adding the rondelle spacers not only increases the length, it enhances the colors, distributes the weight of the necklace more evenly, and helps it curve more smoothly. All good things.

Have you made any unexpectedly simple projects lately? Isn’t it great how something so easy can be such a great impact piece?


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