A Better Bathroom: Goodbye

No pictures because I can’t find my camera cord. I can’t find my camera cord because my house is a mess. My house is a mess because everything that isn’t stuck down in my bathroom is somewhere else (mostly in the living room) along with tile etc. Also, there are mats and plastic all over.

My bathroom will be saying goodbye very, very soon.

I can’t wait.

I’ve been going in circles on the light, but the medicine cabinet came today and can be partially recessed, so I’ll pull the trigger shortly.

I need to choose a paint color, so it would be good if I chose some of the accessories as well. I’ve worked in soft goods (linens) before, and I’ve tried to help many a customer who has found the “perfect” paint color and now needs bedding to match. Not. Fun.

There are a zillion colors of paint. Its a much better idea to choose the textiles and paint to match then vice versa. And in my case I’m gone tomorrow night, so I need to chose paint ASAP. So of course I went shopping.

The front runner. I love the colors, and it would tie in nicely with my hallway.

I like the geometric look, but the colors are too muted for the look of the rest of my place.

I am hoping to do a green on the walls. I had some samples from way back in the day (when I was thinking maybe I could just paint it and it wouldn’t be so ugly…not so much), so I slapped them on the walls last night. I liked the yellow-er one better, but it was just too dark. There will be two solid walls of all green, and I think thats too much of a dark color. I also need to make sure it works okay with the teal hall right outside.

Once I find my camera cord, I’ll get a couple progress shots in there, and show you. And I’ll get the pictures of all this weekends projecting up as well.

And now, trying to make a date with my friend’s perfect-at-all-things-decorating-and-especially-picking-paint-colors husband.


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