A Better Bathroom: Some SERIOUS Progress

Here’s where I’m at:

  • Choose floor tile (plus shower accent tile)
  • Choose wall tile
  • Decide if I want tile on shower walls or in any other parts of room (nope, just the shower)
  • Choose shower floor tile
  • Choose vanity
  • Order grout
  • Choose shower hardware
  • Choose vanity light
  • Decide if I want fan installed or not (The answer is I don’t, but should I?)
  • Medicine cabinet
  • Shower sill(s)
  • Stain or something for the built in cabinet
  • Shelves for above the toilet
  • Price out radiant heat (to make sure the contractor is giving me a good price)
  • Price out frameless shower enclosures (again to make sure I’m getting a good price)

And. AND. We’re starting next week. I feel a little lame that I’m hiring the whole thing out, but after a lot of discussion, I think this makes the most sense for my situation. This is the only bathroom that I have, and so I need it done as quickly as possible (since I can’t really live here while it’s going on). Also, I’m taking out a claw foot tub and framing and pouring a new shower. Oh, and installing radiant heat and tiling over it. So while there are things I could do (install new sink, drywall) there’s enough that I really can’t that it makes the most sense to have it done (more quickly and professionally) by a contractor.

But that’s not what you care about anyhow…

Look! My new bathroom! Actually, thats the shower. Confused? Here’s a better picture, courtesy of the radiant heat company:

And a picture from the tile store of my tile. I couldn’t find it anywhere online, so this is the best I can do.

There is no source. Remember, google determines this is old ladies, the web site has nothing. Enjoy my iPhone picture. It’s all I’ve got.

Shower hardware is not exciting, but I chose a vanity!

The final choice–doors not drawers for more usable space (although I still love the look of drawers!)

And a medicine cabinet!

It says its surface mount but we’re going to try to at least partially recess it.

The boring but important parts of the shower are on today’s to-do list: sills and glass.

And lights. This one was a little complicated. Right now, I have one light, and it’s in the ceiling centered on my vanity (I’ve never thought it looks weird, but it isn’t centered on the room).  I am planning on adding a vanity light, but then I think it would look weird to have another light centered on the vanity in the ceiling. So I can move the ceiling light, but where? And to what? Maybe recessed? As you can see from the floorplan, everything is on one side of the room. Ack.

Here are my two current choices, but I’m really not in love with either, and I would love your feedback/suggestions/etc.

$66.97 Home Depot

$69.99 Lowes

I want polished chrome or nickel, two lights. I can’t do sconces; there isn’t room, so it has to go above the mirror. I’m going for simple but can’t figure out if I want a square or round shape. And then I get sidetracked into “what do I do about other lights?!?” and its a mess. Sigh.

Not to mention paint colors and accessories!

What would you do about lighting if this were your bathroom? (Seriously. I don’t know what I’m doing here.)


2 thoughts on “A Better Bathroom: Some SERIOUS Progress

  1. Okay, first. I’m totally going to stand in that taped-out shower and pretend to be showering when I come see you this weekend. And I bet several people have done that to see how much room it is.
    Second: Love the vanity!
    Third: I’d center a recessed light on the full length of the room, or over the shower.
    Fourth: If you buy a light fixture with a universal base, you can always switch out the glass “shades” later if you buy round and decide you want square or vice versa. The shades are cheap. In fact, if you go to Home Depot or Lowe’s, they have tons of examples where you can buy the base and pick the shades seperately. Or come up and visit me on a Sunday and we’ll go see my dad at the lighting store and he will explain all your many, many options. (Just went through this same thing with my parents’ bathroom redo.) I think it’s more important to decide if you want the light aimed up or down–the stores and pictures always show them pointed up, but you can mount it either way.
    Fifth: I don’t think I’ve ever lived in the place that had a fan where the fan actually worked and wasn’t extremely loud, so I think you can live without it.

  2. I’ve also fake showered, and I think its plenty roomy. If I center the light on the room, its still really close to the vanity, and if I center it on the shower, its far from the toilet. Does that matter?? Maybe just center it in the room??
    I think I am going to do them facing up. I don’t know how much my medicine cabinet will stick out, but definitely some and I think it could look funny if they were pointing down. And glad you approve on the no-fan front!

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