Pinterest Challenge: Map Lined Drawer

The very first pin to my “Craft Ideas” board was this one:

Must line a drawer with map or maps. Amazing. The cabinet on the porch is clearly dying for this…

Via Sherry, who pinned it from Simplified Bee, who got it from Martha (just redirected to the home page, and um, Martha. I think you know that one).

So, um, that’s what I did. I know. Not that exciting. But I love how it turned out. It probably isn’t the most lasting job ever, but (just as I said way back when) the cabinet on the porch was the one that got switched up, and I don’t actually use that drawer much (although now I want to start!) I will be lining the drawers to my new buffet, but need to wait for the final (right color) coat of paint, so I’m not ready for that one yet, and that won’t be paint. But I’m glad I got to practice with this project.

Such a great idea from Katie, Sherry, Kate and Michelle! My project is nowhere near as impressive or comprehensive as theirs (hello building furniture) but at least its something.

It was pretty straightforward:

Start with this:

And then measure your drawers inside dimensions (flat part AND the edges, measured separately)

Do some math (yay!) to compare your map size to your drawer—mine had 3-in. edges, with an 11×27-in. bottom, and my map was 24×36 in. I wanted to trim off the border edges anyhow, which pretty much took care of trimming the sides. But the top and the bottom needed to lose 7 6 inches. I realized I needed some edge so I could attach it to the drawer, so I ended up doing 3.5-in. edges. I measured off the front of the map to get a rough idea of where I wanted it to go (if it were a consistent pattern, this wouldn’t have mattered, but I didn’t want it to look all weird and awkward with the map not centered).

Once I determined the dimensions, I measured in from the edge, connected my points with a yardstick, and either:

a) drew a line and then cut the excess off OR

b) used the yardstick as a guide to crease where I wanted the map to fold

When all the trimming was done, and I had the creases done, I cut out most of the corners, leaving a small flap so I could seal it off and then cutting all the way in to where my creases intersected. I folded back each crease to form the drawer shape in advance.

Then I crossed my fingers.

Rightfully so. Adding an extra half inch was a good idea, but I probably should have subtracted an eighth of an inch on the bottom. One side fit perfectly, but one short end was squished. 😦 Not the end of the world, I just used the bone folder to redo the crease, but I did rip it a bit…oh well, I doubt anyone but me would notice.

It looks great, and I keep going out on the porch to open the drawer. You know, to make sure its still cute and I still love it. Which I do. Success.

What have you pinned and actually DONE?

**I did make my heart art for my mom inspired by a pin, as well as my buzzer cover.


16 thoughts on “Pinterest Challenge: Map Lined Drawer

  1. Well I just love it! What a great idea to line a drawer with a map, I’m inspired!!!
    Thanks for joining in on all the fun!

  2. I tried two Pinterest challenges this weekend. One was a watercolor silhouette (inspired by this:, which was a fail because the color bled too much onto the paper and I may have chosen too difficult a silhouette to begin with. The other was a cleaning endeavor, based on a how-to I saw on Pinterest. Cotton balls soaked in bleach really can remove mold from under the caulk in a bath tub! I just left them on for about 10 minutes. Now I have a nice clean bathroom. But I’m not sharing photos of my dirty tub. 🙂

    • I can’t get enough maps–I have old ones from my grandparents in my living room as well. Your table is adorable, thanks for sharing!

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  6. I am so glad I found your year in review post. I’ve never seen this project, and now I just have to try it somewhere. Maybe even on a tray.
    Nice work.

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