Heart Art

(I was going to write about what needs to happen in my bathroom, but I still need to take pictures of the ugly, so I can’t post yet. Which may be related to why my bathroom still isn’t done? Figures.)

I saw this amazing pin, and like everyone else was all, I could do that.

When I saw the pin, they were redoing their shop, which is in Australia. And theirs look much better than mine.

So instead of a Mother’s Day card, I decided to try making my own heart art. There isn’t really a process or anything:

-cut out 8 billion hearts.

-realize you mostly need the microscopic size

-get over the part where you cut out 7 billion of those hearts in sizes too big to really use

-put hearts on paper

-take pictures of hearts on paper in case you sneeze or make some other sort of draft

-use tape runner to attach hearts

Give to mom for Mothers Day. That’s pretty much it. I mostly just wanted to show you the picture.

P.S. Its really hard to find a white shadowbox frame. So it isn’t actually in a frame yet. Kind of useless, huh?

P.P.S. Their shop is http://www.mondocherry.com.au/ and its AMAZING.

P.P.P.S. How amazing is this????

3d flowers from vintage children’s book pages????  Go lose a couple hours reading their stuff…they area amazing.

P.P.P.P.S. Dear Editor-Lesley, Is it even legal to have this many P’s with the S.?


2 thoughts on “Heart Art

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