Gingerbread Party: The Rules

Time for the nitty gritty….

I’ve talked about my annual party before, and I’m making sure me evite is ready to go out the day after Thanksgiving. I feel funny doing it before that, but I have already told people who asked the date.

This will be the fourth year, and its gotten really popular. That means everyone has an opinion and the competition has heated up–people started trash talking in October.

Last years winners caused some serious drama, so this year I’m going all out official on the rules, to prevent another situation like this one:

Beach Cottage. Well-researched, well-executed, and the most contentious thing to ever happen at a party.

So make fun of me all you want, but this party needs some rules. I figured if I’m doing rules go official, so here’s what I have. Please feel free to share feedback. These will be official on Thanksgiving when invitations go out. And make fun of them all you want, I’m happy as long as they are specific enough to prevent drama.

Gingerbread House Party Rules

Children’s Division: 6 pm Judging

Amateur Division: 7 pm Judging

Professional Division: 8 pm Judging

There are two divisions adults can enter their houses under, Amateur and Professional.

Amateur houses use a standard gingerbread house structure and are decorated with standard decorations (those provided to all guests). While amateur houses have some additional decoration, fully decorated boards would be considered entrants into the pro division.

Professional houses are any sort of gingerbread structure (with a limit of xxx crackers?) and may use provided materials as well as entrant supplied. If you are an architect/designer/engineer/cookie ninja this is your division.

This year, there will be two non-entrants serving as division judges. Non-entrants are defined as an individual who is neither entering or closely connected to an entrant (as a significant other, for instance). Division judges will provide the final say for which division a house is judged in.


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