It’s Beginning to Look a lot like…

Christmas-party-planning time!

Last Year’s Winning Entry into the Annual Contest

Crazy but true.

For the past three years, I’ve hosted a gingerbread house party for Christmas. I blame these things on my not drinking and needing an activity. Regardless, its crazy popular.

The basics: Come on over at 4 (because I don’t like to stay up late) and make yourself a gingerbread* house. There will be snacks. I have a tree. My mac & cheese is good.

The (very controversial) winner of the Amateur Division. (People are still talking about this. Seriously.)

*They’re graham crackers. 40 people came last year, come on now.

To fit all those people in my small one bedroom condo, there’s plenty of prep work, plus there are just some things I find fun.

Here’s the to-do list:

  • Decide on a menu
  • Decide what decorations to provide
  • Buy supplies
  • Determine invite list (see small one bedroom above–this’ll be tough)
  • Make invitations (I do an evite, but I would love to send out paper invites–it makes it more special, and it could also be my Christmas card for those that are invited)
  • Finalize the rules
  • Select and confirm judges

The last two may make you think I’m crazy. But stay tuned…my party has gotten big enough (and serious enough!) that I think both really help people enjoy the party, no matter which end of the house building spectrum they fall on. But first up, stay tuned for some past winners–it might help you understand what I need rules for!


3 thoughts on “It’s Beginning to Look a lot like…

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