Starting again, starting simple

It’s been almost a year since I blogged. I find it hard to believe, but in many ways 2015 was a year that got away from me. Way too much time working, not enough time creating.

I want to make sure that in 2016, I take the time to be creative — and finish all those half done projects that have piled up over the years. After years of working with beads professionally, I have a huge stash, a nice stockpile of gemstones, seed beads, pearls and fibers.

I’m starting out today with something really simple; I found a beautiful strand of stick pearls that I’ve never used, some 3mm light gray crystals, and a leftover clasp.

loose stick pearls

One thing that I love about stick pearls is that that make such a quick and easy cuff with big visual impact. You don’t even need to add other beads or spacers and they look good.

I simply strung irregular groups of stick pearls with crystals on .014 lb beading wire, and used crimps to attach a clasp to each end.


Here’s to hoping 2016 has lots of beautiful small victories.



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