New Apartment: The before tour

I’m all moved in to my new place. It was a lot of work: new paint, moving of heavy objects, things into boxes and cupboards and bags. I’m still getting things sorted out, but I thought I’d give a preview of what I’m working with.


Her’s the first bedroom: tannish walls, old taupe-y paint, no closet doors. Brand new carpeting though, so bonus!


The bathroom needed a really good scrub down, but there are decent bones. In the shower, hidden behind the door in this picture, is a massive double-decker storage closet. The medicine cabinet is unfortunately made of particle board and badly in need of painting or replacing.


The office. Again, tan and taupe, with no closet doors. And a big ol’ radiator in an inconvenient spot.


The kitchen had bright red paint (very patchy in person), old green countertops, and really nice new appliances and cupboards.IMG_0082

Plus a ton of storage! Those are pull-out shelves in the tall pantry.IMG_0094

Plus there was a bonus banquet made from some extra upper cupboards. You can see in this photo that the one on the left is damaged – apparently cupboards aren’t made to withstand the weight of someone sitting on them.


The living room was actually a decent shade of green and has giant windows and french doors. Unfortunately, as you can see on the left in this photo, there were some chips in the wall, so the room had to be repainted.IMG_0086

Another shot of the living room, showing off the chips and the row of pretty stained glass windows.IMG_0087

The back hallway, with another huge closet (this time with doors).IMG_0095

Here you can see my front door in the little foyer and one wall of the dining room. Both were a bright, vivid teal – but there were lots of scuffs from bicycles.IMG_0096

Another view of the dining room, showing the built-in buffet and large bay window.IMG_0098And another view of the living room, looking into the dining room with a tiny sliver of the kitchen. Very bright!

As you can see, this place has great bones, but really needed some love in the form of cleaning and painting. I can’t wait to show you some progress.


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