Bathroom Updates

This is a short little post on a little bitty thing. But sometimes those updates are the most fun, so I’m sharing anyhow. I’m loving the new bathroom, but still having a minor issue.

Medicine Cabinet BeforeThat. Not just the part where it isn’t the tidiest, but the part where I can’t actually see things in there very well. My old medicine cabinet had a white interior, and I could see things in it. This one? Not so much. When I wash my face or brush my teeth I put my hair back in a headband and ponytail, so I leave those two things in there. Both are black. They’re on the bottom shelf. See them?

Yeah, me either.

I can lean all the way over and look close and I still can’t see them half the time, and it was driving me nuts.

The surface is also wood, and I worried that drippy toothbrushes and the like would hurt the wood eventually.

Enter the Target placemat:

Placemats Uncut

Which I cut into:

Placemat strip cut

And then emptied out the cabinet:

Medicine Cabinet Empty

And plopped it in (ok, so I measured too):

Strip in Cabinet

Now can you find my headband?

Medicine Cabinet with Wipe Clean placemat strip

Yep, me too! (It’s just to the left of the toothbrushes). If the mat gets dirty or sticky or anything, I can just pull it out and wash it off, leaving my medicine cabinet like new and me able to find my headband at 6 am!

This isn’t my first Target placemat use–I have a couple in my kitchen for things like the bottom of the baking pan cabinet and underneath oils. Super easy, cleans up and if it gets too dirty I can just toss it out and my cabinets will be none the worse for wear! They cost about $2 and although the designs change, they always seem to have these in stock.

Do you line your medicine cabinet? Ever used a placemat for an unconventional purpose?


3 thoughts on “Bathroom Updates

  1. I love Target placemats. I buy the really cheap woven ones on clearance — they are perfect for under the dog’s dishes – they keep them in place and catch crumbs and spills. I can either just wash them if they get dirty (and if I can’t get them looking clean enough for the kitchen floor where the dog’s dishes live, they get down graded to boot mats in the closet and catch the drips of my winter boots. Since they only cost $1, I don’t feel bad if I throw them out).

    • Thanks Amanda! It’s way more durable too…I love being able to toss it in the dishwasher if I need to, and it doesn’t get torn.

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