Quick and Easy Valentines Wreath

I decorated!

Valentines Paper Heart Wreath 1

Reds and pinks are not my decorating colors (I rarely even wear red), but I made a small exception for Valentines Day.

I wanted a little something for my door and a wreath seemed like a fun choice. No real instructions–I used five different coordinating papers, one of which was patterned with the word love and then cut strips between 2-4.5″ and then folded them in half. Then I free hand cut out a bunch of hearts.

I used a scrap of posterboard and (roughly) cut a 12″ circle about 2.5″ thick for my wreath base, then I grabbed a roll of small glue dots and went for it. I started with the bigger hearts and spaced them out a little and stuck ’em down. Then I started layering in smaller hearts. I needed to cut several rows of little hearts at the end to fill in small holes so there wasn’t awkward spaces. It was very low-tech.

Then I hung it up. I live in a condo, so my front door is in the hallway–no weather worries here!

Valentines Paper Heart Wreath 2

The whole thing took me maybe an hour and was pretty painless.

Do you decorate for Valentines Day?


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