What I Got: Mary

Santa was good to me this Christmas (as were my family, Boyfriend, and Boyfriend’s family). My final “Christmas” was just Sunday, and I had a celebration filled week:

Christmas Eve we headed out to my mom’s to have dinner with my mom & sister and open some presents there (thanks for the adhesives sis!) and then go to my mother’s church for Christmas Eve service (round 1). After the service, we hopped in the car and headed back to the city for dessert at a friend’s (we were invited for dinner but church round 1 conflicted), then went to my church for Christmas Eve service (round 2).

When Christmas morning rolled around, Boyfriend and I opened a present apiece and then cooked–prepping a ham, making mac & cheese and mashing potatoes. Then we headed out the door for Christmas day service (yep, round 3 if you’re keeping track at home) at his church. His mother and brother drove in to meet us and came back to my place after the service for Christmas lunch/dinner. We actually celebrated with his family the following day, but it was a lovely afternoon–and when they left we opened the rest of our gifts to each other.

My favorites?


The most perfect navy pillow I could think of for my busy couch

Along the keeping-it-cozy theme, I also got a new throw blanket for my couch with a basket to store it in (the basket was a me-to-you-to-me gift since I don’t mind having it draped over the side of the couch but Boyfriend thought it should have a nice little home). I think he saw it in one of my magazines or on my Pinterest or something though, so thats super cute.

This dark blue throw is perfect for curling up on the couch

This dark blue throw is perfect for curling up on the couch

And what did I get him?

A box of circles. Cut out of paper.

I think I’ll just leave that one a mystery for now–but don’t worry, it was his favorite Christmas gift from me, and I’ll tell you more once its finished.

The next day we headed out to Indiana for Christmas with his family, including his niece and nephew. Everyone gets gifts for the kids, but the adults just draw names. I drew his mom and his sister drew me–she got me the “Cadillac of paper cutters” as her husband kept teasing me. It’s every bit as amazing as I thought it would be.

We brought Boyfriend’s brother back to Chicago with us, for a shopping trip the next day. He just moved from Ohio to Michigan for a work transfer and has a very big, very empty new house. He picked out a couch from Crate & Barrel and wanted to hit up Ikea as well–yes please! In more boring news, I got a couple of frames to match ones I already have (which means…the bathroom is really, truly, officially D.O.N.E.) as well as a frame for the aforementioned box of circles Christmas present.

I’ve been lusting after this gorgeous bowl for my coffee tables, and its as pretty as I thought it would be.

Merry Christmas to me!

Merry Christmas to me!

Did your house get anything great for Christmas? What was your favorite gift to GIVE?


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