My Bathroom Eats Things

In a (really, really) good way.

My bathroom had very little storage in its past life. A vanity cabinet with a drawer on one side. A medicine cabinet. A small cabinet above the toilet. And then all the extra space under and next to the clawfoot tub (cleaning supplies. Don’t judge. There was nowhere else to go.)

This is everything that lived in my bathroom before* except for the cleaning supplies, which I already put on the bottom shelf of the closed cabinet:

I started with putting those things all back in to the bathroom, leaving me with this:

I don’t use any of this. The right is extras of shampoo, conditioner, etc. The boxes are decorative soaps. I don’t blow dry or straighten my hair, so those are just for guests.

Then for the fun part…finding things that can live in the bathroom now:

And it all disappeared. And there is tons of room left. What else goes in a bathroom?!?

The shelves above the toilet still need two boxes with lids (one for chargers, which will cover the outlet, and one for the hair dryer & straightener on the top shelf). But they have tons more room!

The room isn’t fully done, so I don’t want to move the towels to their likely-future-home on the open shelf under the vanity yet. So right now, they’re in the built in shelves:

They’re hanging out on the upper shelf, with the pretty vase Sarah handed down in front of them. The lower shelf has the other stuff I think needs to be in a box, but right now I put a blank canvas (I used the other for this) in front of it.

The two upper shelves (the top one is almost two feet high)? Empty. The cabinet above those other mostly empty shelves? Empty too. The sink cabinet is pretty empty too…in fact as I write this, I think I might move some of the cleaning supplies over there instead of the cabinet? Then I can use the cabinet for linens. I cannot believe how much my bathroom holds now! I am so glad I went with a shower and all that amazing storage.

Do you have a linen closet? What do you store in your bathroom?

*There is no medicine here. Medicine should not be stored in high humidity areas like a bathroom. It lives in the vanity in my bed


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