A Better Bathroom: Decisions, Decisions

So on my OMG-Summer-is-almost-over kick….let’s get this party started.

Here’s where I’m at:

  • Choose floor tile (plus shower accent tile)
  • Choose wall tile
  • Decide if I want tile on shower walls or in any other parts of room (nope, just the shower)
  • Choose shower floor tile
  • Choose vanity
  • Order grout
  • Choose shower hardware
  • Choose vanity light
  • Decide if I want fan installed or not (The answer is I don’t, but should I?)
  • Medicine cabinet

Huh. It felt like so much more was done.

Especially because I think there is also:

  • Shower sill(s)
  • Stain or something for the built in cabinet
  • Shelves for above the toilet
  • Price out radiant heat (to make sure the contractor is giving me a good price)
  • Price out frameless shower enclosures (again to make sure I’m getting a good price)

What I do have:

(most of the) TILE CHOSEN! The shower walls will look like this:

Although my accent tile is skinnier, this is really, really close.

The floors:

This is where I got it; no other source was given 😦

(But I did love the floor from the first picture–I wanted to with that (in a lighter gray) but was talked out of it on the grounds of too many materials. Did I make the right decision?

In a lighter gray. Such an interesting, unique look.

The reason I decided to do marble for the floor was because I was getting worried about having too much going on. I really wanted the accent tile–“Partly Cloudy” by Serenity but when I google it I get random pictures of old ladies–which is glass and marble. And then subway tile. And then these gray tiles for the floor. And then there would be the shower floor tile (which is still a mystery) and then the vanity top (slightly less mysterious). But I still love the floor tiles I wanted…

So because of all that, it was I determined that I would try and keep it to the subway tile, accent tile, and marble. I ordered marble hex tile for the shower floor but:

  • OMG was it expensive
  • My upstairs neighbor/former Kitchen & Bath Designer said she would never recommend tile in a shower. Too slippery.
  • I like spending hours upon hours of my life thinking about tile (oh wait, no I don’t)

So now that you are caught up with all my random thought processes…

Lets look at the contenders for a new vanity (only width given, the other two dimensions are all basically the same):

Brookstone, 30, $650, appears no shipping cost

Home Design Outlet Center, 30, $695, no info on shipping til you order (grrrr)

Signature Hardware, 30, $669, free shipping

Home Decorators Collection, 30, $559, $100 ship

These are the basics. Then I have a whole mess of others, except basically I just spent hours internet searching because these above are still the top contenders. It’s cool. Not like I have a job. So I have six more saved (that all look vaguely like these) and then the sources saved elsewhere but I’m not putting the pictures in the post because I’m really sick of pasting source code in, having it go away and then redoing it. If you actually want to see half a dozen more vanities because you too need a hobby, I’d be happy to share them with you. I promise you can match to the sources easily.

My considerations where these:

  • Marble top (or something else that coordinates with my tile, but all I can come up with is that’s marble)
  • Usefulness of storage provided by piece
  • Open shelf underneath (I would take doors instead of a drawer, although I slightly prefer the drawer look, but didn’t see much of that)
  • Does not require sale of an eventual firstborn child
  • Ideally comes all in one (see bullet above)

What’s your vote? #2 has a marble top, #1 I like the base the most and the top least. (#3 comes with lots of options for top, including marble)

So today I really ought to:

  • Choose shower floor tile
  • Choose vanity (I’m dragging my feet. I just need to choose one and be done)
  • Choose shower hardware
  • Choose medicine cabinet
  • Choose vanity light
  • Look at shower sills

Vanity is required. Ideally, I want to get at least two more done. I hope. Anyone want to just make some decisions for me??


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