Where does summer go?

This weekend was a busy one of hosting several out of town guests, buying tile (!) and trying to sort out a few other details on the bathroom. (Expect an epic vanity-search post once I actually find one. I’m trying not to bore you.)

I made a big list by room of all the stuff I hope to get done with the rest of my summer, which feels like it is quickly slipping away (I have two more weekends I’m actually here for! Two!)

In other news, I have three fun birthday presents to tell you about:

From my dad

I can do basically two kinds of writing, and only one of them consistently turns out card worthy. I am so so excited to play with this book.

From my Dad

This is BURNING A HOLE IN MY FLOOR (like pocket? Get it?) and I cannot wait to stencil the front hallway. I’ve got two weekends before school starts–we need to talk schedule. Day trip maybe? I also need to put a final coat on the buffet (I got new paint custom mixed–by which I mean the guy added more pigment and very nicely tried to get it closer to what I want. Worth a shot.) so it seems like I could do both at once, with the same tools (they use the same tools, I’m not just being ridiculous).

And the last one I don’t have a picture of yet. But its this:

From http://ourhumbleabowedblog.com/ because she is possibly the coolest person ever

You can go click on the picture and read her post now. Amanda’s will be cooler than mine anyhow. That’s just how it is.

For my birthday I held my own ice cream social. It all looked super cute, and I don’t think I took pictures (maybe someone else did? I will have to see.) And then I told everyone it was time for them to make my birthday present. And they were all like, “huh?”.

And then (true story) my mother got out the paints and I pulled out the pad of watercolor paper I picked up in Colorado (from my grandma’s things, with an unfinished picture she was working on) and I showed people the picture above, explained I was going to cut up their artwork, asked them to use my colors (some obeyed better than others) and told them to go for it. Without children, it was the best I could do. Expect more when I get it done and hung.

But mostly I look at pictures of vanities on the internet, with occasional trips to look at things in stores. Its thrilling. But I hope to have them start within two weeks, so I am making progress!

Are you getting your summer projects done?


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