Welcome to Chicago!

Hey Lesley,

Can’t wait to see you tomorrow! You asked in your last email what we might be up to this weekend. Don’t know yet, but here are things I hope to get up to this summer (when you’re visiting and not).

-Refinish the not-matching frame on the picture in my bedroom my dad gave me

-Do something classier to the edge of the shelf in the living room

-Restyle my mantel, which is getting more cute things, but less cute looking

-Figure out what to do with my awesome coffee tables so they look cute

-Organize my newly-enlarged basement storage unit (hooks!)

-Make large art for my dining room (I think at my birthday party!)

-Refinish the buffet that will go in my dining room

-Rearrange my dining room stuff into the new buffet

-Redo entire bathroom (you know, rip out walls, put new walls up, have someone build a shower including 3/4 wall and new plumbing, find new vanity, shelves, and so on. No big deal.)

What are you up for this weekend?

Can’t wait to see you!



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