A Better Bathroom: The Seeds of an Actual Plan

I’m out in Colorado for a few days to go through my grandparents belongings (they’ve both passed away within the last year). It’s nice to see family, although its definitely not a vacation. And to add to it, it looks like this:

Scary stuff—it’s been nine days and it isn’t even contained yet.

In all of my free time, I’ve been looking at pictures of bathrooms and discussing them with various family members.

  • I should do a shower and not a tub (everyone)
  • We can totally do plumbing.
  • And frame a wall.
  • And tile. (Uncle Rob)
  • Get a swinging glass door, not sliding (Aunt Sharyl)
  • Oooh, pretty tile (Cousin T)

These are the things I HAVE decided on:

Open shelves over the toilet

A shower (?!?! but I’m excited about it)

Cabinets above the door (I can only find pictures of shelves, but I want closed storage)

Glass swinging door on the shower (my Aunt Sharyl says she wishes that’s what they had instead of sliding, water on the floor and all. Sold.)

And then some things that are STRONG MAYBES:

A larger vanity base

With an open shelf on the bottom

A niche shelf in the shower

An accent band of tile in the shower, with either grays or blues


Maybe dark wood base on the vanity (with a light colored top)

Some extra storage on one exterior side or the other of the shower, like this.

And things I really should have some concept of but have NO IDEA:

A medicine cabinet (I did like this oval frame one)

A new toilet (?!?! maybe I need one??)

What do you think? Are you on board with my shower-only craziness?


2 thoughts on “A Better Bathroom: The Seeds of an Actual Plan

  1. First, I’m totally on board with the shower-only idea. You can build an unbelievably awesome bathroom without a tub, and that, plus the fact that you can actually build the bathroom YOU want, is the most important.
    I love most of your ideas here—especially the storage related ones and the larger vanity base.
    Also…I know how to tile too. 🙂

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