To Build a Better Bathroom

(Ok, so technically, it’s remodel, but that didn’t have the same ring to it.)

My bathroom is ugly.

I’m not sure pictures even do it justice, but yeah. Not pretty. (It’s also very narrow so getting pictures was a challenge. And I’m a terrible photographer.)

Problem #1: The walls. They are ancient plaster and lath, with weird textures and wallpaper on them. They’re in bad enough shape as to not be salvageable, so they’ll have to come down and be replaced with drywall (hey, I know how to drywall!).

Problem #2: The colors. I realize these come down the walls. But still. They are not my favorite.

Problem #3: Storage. I have no linen closet. Closets in general are at a premium in here, so I store coats and linens and craft supplies and cleaning supplies and other random stuff in the one closet besides my bedroom that I can actually put stuff in. It would be nice to work some storage into the bathroom for at least towels.

Problem #4: The medicine cabinet is not my cup of tea. Its a little old-fashioned, although I already have people waiting in line to get it who think its awesome. Just not my favorite.

Bonus Problem: I don’t like my clawfoot tub.

….Please don’t start. Yes, “some people” love those. But I bet those people don’t have to use them. Whenever I say that, people nod wisely and say, “They are hard to clean under.” (Ahem…wouldn’t know…terrible housekeeper). My issue is I hate showering with shower curtains on both sides of me. Also, its not like mine is nice and fancy or whatever. It’s an original clawfoot tub. I don’t think someone is going to not buy my place when I go to sell it because there is no longer a clawfoot tub.

And one of those things that you only even consider once you realize you need a whole new room: maybe I should get a new vanity.


I’ll tell you about the plans soon–I want to get this party started!

What’s your stance on clawfoot tubs?


One thought on “To Build a Better Bathroom

  1. I agree with you in regard to getting rid of the tub. I would replace it with a big shower instead with storage above like I did in our bungalow.

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