Homemade*Handmade Mothers Day

When I went up to visit Lesley a few weeks ago, a strange role reversal happened. We sat at the kitchen table, Lesley working on our stars, and me beading. I wanted to make a beaded glasses cord for my mom (actually, she’d specifically requested it) for Mother’s Day, and obviously who better to help me than Lesley? We went to Michael’s, and I got some beads and clasps for the ends–we looked for but couldn’t find the black rubbery grips for glasses. Instead we realized that we could put large lobster-claw clasps on the ends; this would make it more interchangeable anyhow, so I think this is actually better. You can just clip the clasp onto the rubber grips–and as a bonus, you can clip the clasp together and wear the chain as a necklace.

I started with these supplies (I bought the two strands of beads and clasps, Lesley provided the seed beads and wire).

[I was really nervous when I got started–I didn’t want to write this post (I thought she should–I have no idea what I’m doing!) and I was convinced it wouldn’t look good if I did it. ]

Anyhow. I started by pulling just a few of each bead free on my flannel mat (which makes it a lot easier to not send beads flying everywhere whenever you breathe) so I could play with some layouts.

I went with the first one I tried, and the next part was pretty basic:
1. Put first bead on wire.
2. Push a few inches down.
3. Put next bead on wire.
4. Lather, rinse, repeat.

I did that until I had used up all my blue disc beads (seemed like a good place to stop). But obviously I couldn’t leave it with a loose end.

This brings us to the finishing step:
5. Have Lesley use a “crimping bead” and “crimper” (as well as “wire cutters”) to finish the end and secure the clasp.*

I did not take pictures of this step (not just because all I did was watch) because Lesley said to send you here if you want to know how to crimp. It’s step-by-step instructions for three ways to do it. You’re welcome.

And here we are, a lovely glasses cord for my lovely mother. I hope you don’t break it too quickly, Mother. Lesley did a nice job crimping it, after all.

What did you get your mother for mother’s day?

*If you do not have Lesley, my other recommendation is magic. Sorry, don’t know what else to tell you. Pretty sure that was the hard part.

P.S. Lesley made her mother a wall for Mother’s Day.Hey, if it’s what you want…

P.P.S. This is Lesley. Crimping is easy! Just watch the video Mary linked above.


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