Introducing Mary

Hi Mom(s)! I’m so excited to start working with Lesley on our new format.This actually reminds me of when they would introduce a new American Girl (before they got all commercial; mother is not okay with commercial): Mary is an American Girl who lives in Chicago in a _____ (adjective: spunky? refined? rustic?) apartment by herself (so if I were an actual American girl that would be weird/illegal. I’m a grown up though so we’re good). She loves playing tricks on her little sister, roller skating and helping the housekeeper (bonus! Which American Girl did I have??). [Note: I don’t actually have a housekeeper.]

I make this kind of expression a lot.

So, I really do live in a one bedroom apartment in Chicago. I teach high school math. I do my best to be green, including biking to work when possible, recycling and running the Green Team at my school. I wouldn’t say I’m artistic, but I like to put things together so they look good. I make all my own cards, and I like to think I’m pretty good at choosing the right paper and look and combination and then putting it together, but I can’t really draw or anything like that. I’m working on learning to do different types of lettering though!

My mom saves EVERYTHING (because you never know when it might come in handy) so whenever I get a specific idea in my head, she’s the first person I ask. And my dad is one of the handiest people I know, so he’s my go to for home repairs and the like, especially replacing light fixtures.

When I’m not decorating my Chicago condo or making some cards, I’m probably baking something (I’m trying to cook more, but I’m a baker at heart) or playing a game with friends. Lesley and I are a great team and I hope you enjoy our (mis)adventures!


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