That old saying about absence is true, right?

Sadly, I’ve been one of those neglectful bloggers lately. As a reader, those bloggers make me crazy. They string me along, make me eager for their content, and then they just disappear. Not that I think I have readers eager for my content. Well, maybe one (Hi, Susan!). Of course, now I completely understand. Real life gets in the way. People move, they have babies, they launch new business ventures, they are busy with actual paying work. They have family and friends that want to spend time with them. They’re immersing themselves in their novels.

I have goals I want to meet too, but I don’t want to be that type of blogger, so here’s my self-issued challenge. I will post, either here or on, at least two posts a week in the month of February. And, aside from this one, there will be no cross-overs. So, if your reading this, I hope you’ll come along and see where this month takes me.

Just because I haven’t been blogging doesn’t mean I haven’t been hard at work. I’ve been working on a new book proposal, and I’m excited to give a presentation at the Bead Society of Greater Chicago next week. I’ll be showing a little of what I’ve been working on over the next month.


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