Baby Socks and Onesies: Planning a Shower

This weekend I’m co-hostessing a baby shower for a close friend. I’ve always wanted to throw a shower for someone (I’ve been a maid of honor twice, but nobody wanted a shower. Sad.) I’m hosting with two other friends of the mom-to-be, and our jobs (according to Emily) are:
Sarah: Project manager (she’s in charge of timelines, etc.)
Mary: Creative Director (invites, paper products, look)
Emily: Brings wine (it’s also at her house, so she’ll be hiring a cleaning crew, too)

The parents-to-be aren’t finding out the sex until the baby is born, so our color scheme is green and yellow. (You know where you can get plenty of gender neutral baby stuff? Yeah…me either.) I make my own cards, so I showed the girls some samples of different cards I’ve done and they picked a look they liked the most:

In retrospect, our final product looks nothing like this. But they thought it was cute!

Then I started playing with the colors I actually wanted to use, combined it with this:

And we ended up with this.

We used Emily’s (realtor) husband’s fancy color office printer to print the text in green on white cardstock. We rounded the corners (on everything–the yellow embossed sheets, the green backing and the card itself. Emily and Sarah did that part. Not. Fun.) and then attached the ribbon to the yellow piece. I wanted to make sure the oval (my new die from cuttlebug!) didn’t slide around, so I used a glue dot half on the ribbon and half on the oval to stick them to each other, then to the front. Then we just used tape to attach the ribbon where it folded over to the back. We really liked the look of the white ribbon, and so far people love the embossing (kind of hard to get a picture of, but it’s adorable).

We’ve got a whole bunch of other fun details up our (my) sleeves for the shower–can’t wait to share!