Pinterest Challenge: Magnets and Push Pins

I’ve been working on a new bulletin board for the past week (I’ll share that project soon!) and I decided that I needed some new push pins to go with it, because my boring old thumb tacks just wouldn’t do. Then, as I was thinking about what I wanted to do there, I remembered a few projects I pinned and I thought:

Here are some of my inspirations:


From Sarah Ortega


It was actually really easy to do the magnets. I bought two sizes of flattened glass marbles, some craft paper, Mod Podge and peel and stick magnets. I also bought some letter stickers once I decided I wanted to do alphabet tiles too.

To make the alphabet magnets, I peeled off the round magnet backing and stuck it to the craft paper. Then I trimmed around the edge, leaving a little paper overhang to wrap around the edge. I centered a letter sticker on top, and Mod Podged the whole thing, smoothing the paper around the edge as I went.

To make the glass pebble magnets, I cut the paper a little larger than the pebble, than Mod Podged the bottom of the pebble and smoothed the paper against it. I let that cure, then trimmed the paper as close to the pebble as I could. I coated the backside of the paper with more Mod Podge (avoiding the glass as much as possible). After that cured, I trimmed a magnet to fit, leaving it as big as possible since the glass is heavy. I peeled off the backing, and attached the magnet to the stone.

I did the push pins just like the pebble magnets, but instead of attaching a magnet, I super glued a thumb tack to the back of the paper.


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